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The gig was fun and everyone loved the pumpkin cake with whipped cream mixed with a tad of vanilla, and your preserves! The whipped cream whipped to a standing peak and then mixed with your peach preserves held up beautifully, tested it and for three days it was perfect. Everyone loved it and the syrup as well. My daughter tasted the preserves and said it was the best she had ever had!! You, my friend, have top notch products with the taste, texture and quality that makes it the best. I will be out to Christmas shop.

-- Dixie Burmeister - Host of Dixie B Food for Thought

We love all your products and frequently pick them up at Fishers Market. My absolute favorite product right now is the Pickled Garlic Scape. We wanted to share your products with our family. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

-- Michele - Grand Junction, CO

Unfortunately (or fortunately), I’m hooked on your Dad's Red Jalapeno Sauce from a trip several years ago to Palisade. Living in Louisiana means shipping is pricey . . . friends say I should just use Tabasco, but y'all have a totally different spice going on.

-- Theresa - Baton Rouge, LA

Just when one is about to give up on the concept of "service", one is lucky enough to talk to the likes of Pear Blossom Farms. One short conversation, no follow up calls, and all was taken care of. That's how it should be done!!!!! Many thanks and best regards

- Mark - Oakley, KA

I have been a fan of your hot sauce for years (since 2006). My husband and I discovered it while on vacation in Gunnison, CO at the Quarter Circle restaurant, which had a bottle on every table. We've been hooked ever since. I don't order often as a little goes a long way, but rest assured, I will keep coming back for more!

- Melanie - Steelville, MO

We have enjoyed your hot sauce since the 1990’s, and will continue to do so Thanks again for your prompt reply.

- Ralph and Judy, Laughlin, Nevada

Thank you for being honorable. Apparently, you have a classy company and wonderful products. I have served the peach salsa here at breakfast to my Church friends and one friend told me she ordered a case for herself and to give as gifts. Happy new year!

- Nancy, Brea California

While staying at the beautiful Gateway Canyons Resort, at every meal I enjoyed a magical green sauce - from eggs to veggies, fish & steak - this ‘Dad’s Green Jalapeño Sauce' enhanced every plate.  I don’t know the secret, but I’m sure glad it’s sold by the bottle! Love it!  Thank you so much - I hope it’s a great summer, you will be with us (on the table at every meal!)

- Matt, Kailua HI

 Thank you so much! We went to McCall this weekend to our friends cabin and took a bottle to gift them. They loved it! We used it on eggs and also steak. We will be ordering more when we get through this order.

Thanks again! Melissa - Meridian, ID

Thank you for getting back to me! I am looking forward to trying the peach syrup and apple butter which were also gifted!

- Cody, Port Ludlow, WA 

I first tasted your delicious salsa when I was visiting back in the spring of 2018. One of the local diners keeps your salsa on the table and also sells it at the counter. Ever since then, I have been hooked! We look forward to receiving the original Dad's Red Jalapeño Sauce. We also want you to know that we tasted the green jalapeño sauce and we love it too! Full of flavor and zest! We will share with our friends and pass the word along. If I do make it back to Grand Junction, please be assured that I will come and visit Pear Blossom Farms. You and your family have a wonderful business that produces and delivers a delicious product. Keep up the delicious work!

Best wishes from Michael - Tucson, Arizona


We were in Palisade over wine fest and absolutely love your sauces. I bought one in Palisade and it is almost gone.

Kathy, Longmont, CO 

"I bought some of your syrups this summer while we were in Palisade and recently finished the Raspberry Syrup - great on waffles!"

Carol, Denver  

"Hello, your jalapeño peach hot sauce is by far the most delicious thing I have EVER tasted! I love to have it on top of a nice piece of toast with cream cheese, drizzle on the hot sauce and it makes for a delicious breakfast! Or crackers, cream cheese and the sauce makes a good snack!!"

Kacee, Lehigh, Utah  

"Hi, I had your peach syrup at a Farm Credit event in DC and LOVED it!"  

Rose - Roanoke, Virginia

"We live in Las Vegas, NV and picked up the Dad’ hot sauce while we were in St George last weekend at Frei’s fruit stand and now we are ADDICTED to this sauce!"

Jane, Las Vegas

"Hi there! I stayed at a winery there (part of Harvest Hosts) and bought a jar of this stuff. I'm in love!
I'd like to order some!"

Dina - Tampa, Florida

Thanks for the info. Love your salsa!! My kids have been begging me for it—so it will make a great Xmas gift.

​Laurel - Vail, CO​  

I might buy more than I need, just to give them away for Christmas presents! Hot sauces are big here in NM, and yours is the best I’ve run across.

April - Albuquerque, NM

Your Dad's Red Jalapeño Sauce was on a restaurant table in Grand Junction CO, before my breakfast was over I had purchased 4 bottles to carry in my motorcycle saddle bag back to Utah. Thanks for producing a wonderful fresh product.

Drew - South Weber, UT

I was in Colorado a couple of weeks ago, and bought a bottle of your Apricot syrup. It is awesome ! We live in Texas and are wanting to ship orders. Thank you!

Joy - TX

Thank you for being so easy to work with. We love your sauce!

Nancy - Weston, TX

I used to be a hostess at Pufferbelly Station, where your sauces are so popular. I am glad I found your website!! I am excited to try it - mmm. My boyfriend is a chef and he's gonna love it, too, as he always likes trying new things. If he doesn't like it, that's okay with me because I'll just eat it all myself hahaha!

Heather - Salt Lake City, UT

I picked up a few bottles of your amazing jalapeno sauces at a gift shop while mountain biking in Fruita last summer, and have since burned through another case of your red sauce that my wife got me for Christmas (best present ever). I'll be coming back through town in a couple weeks for another biking trip and was wondering if I can stop by the farm and buy some more by the case.

Andy - Broomfield, CO

I have been bringing home your wonderful green sauce on my annual August trip to palisade for veggies for several years, and I never bring home enough! I would like to give a half case to my son for Christmas.

Barbara - Pagosa Springs, CO

We love your products. My entire family fell in love with your peach salsa - ate the entire jar within 10 minutes of opening. Can't wait for the shipment to arrive. I suspect arrival of the salsa will be reason enough to invite the family over.

Melanie - Steelville, MO

Surprise! I went to the Elizabeth and Monument markets today and found your products from Palisade - Yeah! We're trying the peach sauce today and we love it. Thanks for letting us know we can get them at the Tony's Markets!

Nancy - Elbert, CO

We were just in Grand Junction at a restaurant where we had your Dad’s Red and Green Jalapeno Sauce. I love hot sauces and must say that these have an excellent flavor.

Dave – Littleton, CO

May I please get 2 cases of Dad’s Green Jalapeno Sauce? You are a huge hit in Salt Lake City! PS – The three bucks left over is your tip for being so awesome – Thank You!

Rainbow Neon Sign Company – Salt Lake City, UT

Just got another case of your Dad’s Red Jalapeno Sauce and wanted to let you know how much I love it. I use it on everything and love the combination of heat plus real flavor. Cheers!

Paul – Email

I plan on giving away some Pear Butter over the holidays. It is just wonderful and has received rave reviews here in Golden.

Cody – Golden, CO

I would like a mixed case of your Dad’s Jalapeno Sauce. Merry Christmas to you, and tell “Dad” his sauce is excellent!

Karen – Rock Springs, WY

My wife and I were on a cruise, and one of the couples that we dined with every evening gave us two bottles of your hot sauce. I was raised in Texas and lived in California for 45 years. Your sauce is one of the finest I’ve ever tasted. I just finished the Red Jalapeno Sauce. OUTSTANDING!

Harry – Email

Thank you! We bought a bottle of your green jalapeno sauce from Carlson Vineyards when visiting some friends in Grand Junction a few weeks ago. We loved the hot sauce and it was gone right away. So we can’t wait to receive a restocking and, as you might know, we live in hot sauce – jalapeno – peppers central – San Antonio!

Bill - San Antonio, TX

Just a note to say thank you and to let you know that we received your package in good condition. We have tried the Pear Butter and it is out of this world.

Jay and Janet – Davis, CA

Good Morning! Please send 6 jars of your very excellent Peach Preserves to my dear friend in Connecticut.

Jennifer – Denver, CO

I can't wait to get my order! I worked at a resort several years ago in Almont and everyone loved Dad's sauce. I'm now in Texas and can't wait to share it with friends and family. More orders to come.

Marla, Sanger, TX

Dear Pear Blossom Farms, we love the Peach Salsa! Thank you so much.

Julie – Tabernash, CO

Your Peach Syrup and Apple Butter will make an excellent gift. All I have to do is hide them for a month – and stay out of them myself! We attended the Palisade Peach Festival this year, and brought several different kinds of assorted “goodies” home with us, but we’ve really fallen for yours. They are excellent products of which you should be “rightfully proud”.

Rich and Kelly – Estes Park, CO

I would like a case of your Apple Butter. I am leaving for Iowa and my family will love this. Thank You!

Michelle – Louisville, CO

These make awesome presents. I just shipped a bunch to a friend for Christmas.

Sutherlands – Grand Junction, CO

It was a pleasure to talk to you today on the phone. Your foods are delicious and I hope to visit you soon so I can buy some more to take back to Maryland. Thanks!

Ginny – Ellicott City, MD

I have to share my story of how I ran across your sauce. My parents live in Grand Junction and my husband and I are visiting for a month. We went to the 7th street deli and got a turkey sandwich. They had the sauce on a self serve counter, so my husband grabbed it for our table and with every single bite, he poured on the jalapeno sauce. He said that it was amazing and that I had to try it. After 1 bite I was hooked. I'm pregnant and it's the only thing I crave now. I went back to the deli and bought a bottle and after going through the whole bottle in 2 days, I decided we need a case. The sauce is truly perfect!

Gina – Los Angeles, CA

Dear Pear Blossom Farms, two weeks ago we were on vacation and stopped by the fruit stand. I bought your Savory Salsa and we love it. Keep up the good work!

Elaine – Sealy, TX

By the way, your Peach Syrup is “the bomb”. Fantastic!

Karen – Broomfield, CO

Please send us 6 jars of Apple Butter. We just love it!

Kay – Houston, TX

Over a year ago my wife and I watched a national competition on The Food Network. We purchased the overall winner and I was very disappointed. Passing through Palisade, CO we stopped at a Mexican restaurant. I tasted your Dad’s Red Jalapeno Sauce and was so pleased that I bought 3 bottles to take home. Your sauce has a much better flavor than the national winner. It doesn’t overwhelm foods that I add it to. I highly suggest you enter your sauces in this contest. In my opinion, you would easily win!

Aaron – Orem, UT

I recently purchased one bottle of Dad's Green Jalapeno sauce while visiting in Utah. It has been a great hit at home and the bottle is almost gone. I'm so pleased your products are available online.

Sandra – Fresno, CA

Could you send us a brochure on the other products you sell? Your syrups and butters are great!

Carrol – Tatum, NM

Last October my husband and I bought 6 cases of your delicious Peach Preserves. We gave them as Christmas presents, keeping several jars back for ourselves. It is absolutely the best we have ever tasted and everyone else has raved as well. Thanks for sharing it with us – it is very special. Keep up the good work and we hope your recipe will live on for a very long time. We’d love to buy it for years to come!

Carol – Bellvue, CO

Enclosed is a check for 2 jars of your Apple Butter. It is very very good!

Carol – Colorado Springs, CO