Welcome to Pear Blossom Farms - Home of Dad’s Jalapeno Sauce

In addition to Dad's Jalapeño Sauces, you have found the best farmhouse products in the world. And you may purchase them with confidence here on our website, which offers the highest level of security available on the Internet. Made in small batches, our products represent the heritage of Pear Blossom Farms.  "A Legacy of Good Taste"

Jalapeño Sauces

Dad-1-15-07 Dad’s Jalapeño Sauces are distinguished by the flavor of fresh jalapeno peppers. Most hot sauce products are made from dried chilies that are ground up (seeds and all), and are little more than bottles of chili-flavored vinegar and water. Dad’s Jalapeno Sauces are made from fresh chilies, and they taste like - fresh chili.


Western Colorado enjoys an extensive reputation for some of the best tasting fruits and vegetables in the world. From the fields and orchards in this produce rich area, we select the ingredients which form the basis of the wonderfully fresh and uniquely rich taste you will find in all of our salsas.

Peach Products

For over a hundred years Palisade, Colorado has been known as the “Peach Capital of the World”. We make our products from peaches we grow and harvest ourselves. If you love peaches, and are looking for the best there is, you’re sure to find a favorite among these premium products.

Fruit Butters

Fruit butters are similar in consistency to soft butter, and are essentially lightly spiced jams. The recipes are rather simple: use tree-ripe fruit, not too much sugar, not too much spice, making sure they taste like the fruits they are made from. This is our recipe for the best tasting fruit butters you will ever find.

Fruit Syrups

We make our syrups from fresh whole fruit – to capture the peak of the flavor. Most fruit syrups are made from only the juice of the fruit (usually water added), with several types of sugars and thickeners added. We use the whole fruit, which gives all our syrups a delicious fruit flavor, and a natural thickness.

Soft - Jelled Jellies

For generations, people in our family have prized jelly as the most delicate of all fruit products. A jelly is only truly delicate though, when it sets up in a very spreadable soft jell, and with a flavor that’s true to the fruit it’s made from. We are now very pleased to be able to share them with you.