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About Us Picture 3Pear Blossom Farms sits on a mesa overlooking the town of Palisade, Colorado along the Western Slope of the Rocky Mountains. This beautiful orchard valley, carved by the Colorado River, combines river-bottom soil with high-desert sunshine and fresh mountain air to grow the best tasting fruits and vegetables in the world. We harvest and prepare these local fruits and vegetables in the same fashion as generations of our ancestors who pioneered this part of Colorado.

Our products are made in small batches, preserving a fresh taste that makes all the difference. From our signature line of Dad's Jalapeño Sauces to our Syrups, Salsas, Fruit Butters and Preserves, the legacy that is our heritage at Pear Blossom Farms is about much more than the result of good recipes. An unmistakably fresh taste that comes from close attention paid to the finest detail separates our products from all others. This is the heritage that has become Pear Blossom Farms . . . "A Legacy of Good Taste".